Melbye Group’s New Sales and Business Development Lead for Finland

Meet Kaarina Sillanpaa: Melbye Group’s New Sales and Business Development Lead for Finland

Melbye Group is pleased to introduce Kaarina Sillanpaa as the new Sales and Business Development Lead for Finland. Starting on February, Kaarina brings a wealth of experience and a strong network that will support Melbye's strategic initiatives in the region.


Kaarina’s background includes significant roles in sales and marketing across various industries. Her most recent position was at Kekkilä-BVB, where she was the Senior Digital Engagement Manager. Kaarina also has a strong track record from Nokia, where she stayed for seventeen years and served in multiple positions within the company. 


Her career journey also includes roles at OneCo and Rejlers, where she worked with business development, sales strategies, and change management processes. 


Returning to Her Roots

Kaarina's decision to join Melbye Group is a return to her roots. "I felt I could contribute with my network to Melbye, and their product offering and expertise really is a great starting point," she shares. Her past experience in telecommunications and infrastructure, especially during her tenure in Norway, aligns well with Melbye’s core areas of expertise.


In her new role, Kaarina will work closely with the infrastructure team to strategize for future projects. She is also responsible for establishing a network of customers, assessing relevant trade shows, and to identify potential collaborations. 


A Glimpse into Kaarina’s Personal Life

Outside of work, Kaarina enjoys an active and creative lifestyle with a passion for cooking, she adds that "I like to exercise and knit. But what I enjoy most is going into the forest to pick mushrooms for cooking. It’s very peaceful''.