Safety & Tools


At Melbye, we provide a complete range of safety solutions and tools designed to create a safer and more efficient work environment.

Whether you're looking for smoke detectors and emergency light fixtures for a new or existing building, personal safety equipment, or specialized installation tools for the professional user, we've got you covered.

Melbye Group: Your partner in safety

  • A comprehensive selection of emergency lighting fixtures and smoke detectors that prioritize top-tier safety, easy installation, and reliable operation in all installation environments.
  • A wide range of fall protection equipment, crafted to ensure maximum safety, comfortable use, and consistent performance in various work settings.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), engineered for superior safety, easy usability, and reliable protection.

High-Quality Tools for Every Task
We offer a comprehensive array of tools designed to meet diverse needs across various applications. Whether you're working on low-voltage installations or high-voltage projects, we have the right tools for the job:

  • Robust tools designet for high-voltage applications, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Precision tools tailored for solar panel installations, helping you achieve accurate and reliable results.
  • Equipment for various electrical projects, backed by quality and performance.
  • Comprehensive Tool Solutions for Every Need. From basic hand tools to advanced equipment, Melbye offers comprehensive tool solutions to support your projects safe and effectively.

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