Our Values 

At Melbye, we have some central values that define what we stand for and work towards. Through these values, we aim to ensure a great workplace for our coworkers, a loyal and predictable relationship with our customers, and to be a contributor to the community around us. 


Our fundamental values: 

Innovation, curiosity, and a willingness to strive for the best solutions in a rapidly evolving world are central values at Melbye. We continuously work to streamline and establish new productive work processes for our employees and for the company. Our goal is to become better at understanding how the organization's resources can be utilized to create the best customer experiences and contribute to society. 


Team spirit within the company is essential to promote a good working environment that takes care of both our employees and partners. Here, we don't have individual workers, but teams. The culture at Melbye is built on mutual respect among employees, where we help each other succeed and thrive. 


Professionalism has been one of the organization's cornerstones for over a hundred years, creating a company that has stood firmly planted through generations. Being perceived as professional and skilled in our markets makes us better equipped to face future challenges. We demand careful consideration both internally among our employees, as well as from our customers and partners. 


We are proud to be part of a workplace that takes care of both customers, society, and coworkers, and we continuously strive to contribute where we can. At Melbye, we believe that security is created through change, and we work continuously to adapt to the future market.