Fiber And Telecoms


At Melbye Group, you will find a wide range of products for fiber optic installations to meet any needs you and your business may have.

We have provided solutions for numerous fiber projects, and we are close partners with some of the world's leading and most reliable suppliers. Our collective expertise and experience enable us to deliver tailored solutions, whether it involves individual products or complete systems.

Complete Fiber Solutions for Diverse Network Needs:

Those involved in fiber installations know that there is a cable for every occasion. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, distribution networks or access networks, submarine cables or antenna cables, the applications are diverse with numerous dimensions and safety classifications.

At Melbye Group, we offer the ideal fiber solution for every application:

  • A comprehensive range of fiber and equipment to network owners, installers, and contractors who build our critical network infrastructure.
  • Over 100 different fiber cables that have been tested and proven effective for their respective uses, especially in our Nordic climate.
  • A wide range of fiber ducts and accessories enabling the construction of a flexible and durable fiber optic network.

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