Why Choose Melbye? 



With the products you receive from Melbye Group, expertise is built into the delivery. We have extensive experience from a large number of demanding projects with varying needs, and we continuously aim to have the smartest solutions at the right price. 

We focus on evolving in line with, and pushing the boundaries of, the industry to find solutions for today and the future.  

Within our product segments, transmission and utilities, fiber, ducts and chambers and safety we have extensive expertise. We function not only as a supplier, but also as an advisor to many of our customers. Our coworkers have solid track records of supporting projects within their segments, some going back to the very first fiber projects in Sweden, as an example. Today we support customers within multiple market segments, such as datacenters, road and tunnel, railway, airports, solar and EV charging projects, and world class industry partners.  

With our expertise we aim not to be a supplier of ‘’bits and pieces’’, but rather provide our customers with sound system solutions to suit their specific needs.  



We collaborate with 200 different suppliers worldwide as well as we have our own well-stocked warehouses in Norway, UK and Sweden, which ensures fast and secure delivery to all our customers and partners. Melbye believe that to have successful partnerships, we need to be a reliable partner. Therefore, it’s not only a promise we wish to make, it is a strategic choice. To secure our deliveries we work with a second source strategy, both from a sustainability and delivery capability perspective.  

Our warehouse structure is important to secure short lead times, and we strive to have an efficient distribution together with our partners.  

As a reliable partner we wish for our customers to expect not only the right products, delivered as promised, but also for them to experience Melbye as a valuable partner on designing the solutions to their projects. This is what drives our focus on quality.  



Melbye has a strong tradition of working with quality, as many of our customers require products made according to their specifications. We also invest time and effort to secure that our customers receive the right product, as deviations in quality and specifications can cause for delays in time sensitive infrastructure projects.  

FAT-testing is therefore one of our most important tools to secure our delivery capabilities, and we have resources both in India, China and Europe and follow a ‘’boots on the ground’’-approach in our collaboration with our suppliers.  

For the years to come we believe sustainability to be an even more important part of the markets we cater, the product segments we have and the way we conduct our business. We therefore strive to make sustainable business practice a part of our quality stamp.