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About Melbye Group  

Melbye Group is one of Norway's oldest family-owned companies, with a history dating all the way back to 1907. We have a proud tradition of technical innovation and trade, and today, we are a leading provider of forward-thinking products and system solutions for critical infrastructure. We have expertise within transmission and utilities, fiber, ducts and chambers and safety.  

We serve customers throughout the Nordic region and the United Kingdom, engage with stakeholders across Europe, and collaborate with partners and suppliers from nearly 200 countries.  

While our headquarters are located just outside Oslo, Norway, we also have offices at multiple locations in Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, as well as representatives in Finland, India and China. Together, we are more than 116 co-workers who share the company's core values: Innovation, teamwork, and professionalism.  

With advanced expertise spread across our core areas and a dedication to long-term operation and future-oriented development, we stand at the forefront of addressing future challenges. We take pride in contributing to the development of critical infrastructure that will shape tomorrow's society.  


A forward-thinking corporate culture 

At Melbye, we are driven by a vision to always deliver the most innovative and efficient solutions to our customers. We foster a forward-thinking corporate culture that keeps us ahead of market trends and technological developments, enabling us to provide our customers and partners with the support and expertise they need to make safe and smart choices.  


Sustainability in focus 

Our commitment to quality and reliability goes hand in hand with a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Through the development of our own sustainability strategy, we seek to contribute to reducing environmental and climate impact through innovation and responsible operations. We believe that the future is built on sustainable solutions that benefit both society and the environment.  

Read more about our sustainability efforts here. 


Solutions for tomorrow's infrastructure 

As a family-owned company with a heritage spanning over a century, Melbye Group is dedicated to building on our strong traditions while embracing the future. With experts in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom, and an annual turnover of around 600 million NOK, we are ready to meet the complex challenges ahead of us with a focus on being a preferred partner for our customers.  


Join us on our journey!

At Melbye, we are constantly looking for people with backgrounds from various disciplines who can help enrich the company in new ways. The company has always had a big focus on the well-being of our employees, which shifts into our attention to being proactive as an organisation.

With a strong focus on the customer and our employees to have a positive experience with us, it is important that you as an employee are cooperative, innovative and professional.



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