How SmartSolar has durable installations with Melbye SolarCable

The case study narrates how SmartSolar has ensured durable installations with the help of Melbye SolarCable

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SmartSolar, a Swedish renewable energy company specializing in solar panel installations, recently had the opportunity to test Melbye’s innovative solar cable. The results have been impressive, highlighting the cable’s potential for effective, long-lasting and user-friendly solar installations.

The challenge

When installing solar panels, it's crucial to select cables that ensure a safe, efficient, and long-lasting installation. The cables need to be flexible, durable, UV and weather-resistant, and electrically efficient.

The solution

By using 4 and 6mm² solar cable from Melbye, SmartSolar achieved a safe installation with a highly flexible and user-friendly cable.

“The quality is good, and the insulation material ensures that it feels more flexible and smoother. This is very desirable when working with solar cables. The cable also meets European requirements and is tested according to CPR certification for Euroclass Dca - S1. D2. A1, guaranteeing a safe installation for our customers.”

- Samer El-Khatib, owner and founder of SmartSolar.

About Melbye’s Solar cable

Melbye's solar cable have a lifespan of up to 25 years, ensuring long-lasting installations. The cable provides up to 15% higher current carrying capacity compared to traditional cables, and offers high resistance to UV rays, cold, oils, and chemicals.

The solar cable from Melbye is also an excellent choice for projects that require a more discreet and stylish installation, thanks to the design with a black cable and red stripe, rather than a solid red cable.


PS! Melbye also provides the tools you need for successful solar panel installations. In this project, SmartSolar utilized Melbye’s insulation stripper for solar cables, making the installation process even more efficient.


About SmartSolar

SmartSolar is a renewable energy company based in Sweden that specializes in the installation of solar panels and energy storage systems. Founded four years ago, SmartSolar has grown to operate four offices and has completed over 1,000 installations.

The company focuses on providing comprehensive solar energy solutions, including solar panel installation, energy storage, and project management, all under one roof. SmartSolar is also involved in setting industry standards and guidelines through active participation in technical advisory groups, such as the Swedish Solar Energy Association.


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