How Ask Elektro saved 1300 working hours With Melbye multiducts

The case study explains how Ask Elektro has saved working hours with the use of Melbye multiducts.

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The Challenge: Ask Elektro AS faced the task of managing the electrical installation for an extensive industrial facility spanning 25,000 square meters. Initially planning to use traditional 110 mm concrete-cast pipes, they encountered challenges due to the building's high power demands and limited space, prompting them to opt for Melbye Multichannels over the traditional alternative. 

"In this project, the Multiducts from Melbye have been a game changer that saved us a tremendous amount of time and space. We had projected 1600 hours with traditional 110 mm pipes, but thanks to the multiducts, we completed the job in only 300 hours. We are very pleased with the results!" - Håkon Ask, Project Manager at Ask Elektro AS 

Customer Experience: By embracing Melbye's multiducts, Ask Elektro AS witnessed a remarkable improvement in project efficiency. Not only did the multiducts address space constraints, but they also reduced estimated work hours by an impressive 80%. This substantial time saving enabled smoother project completion, surpassing the customer's expectations. 

How Melbye Can Help: Melbye's multiducts provide a space-saving and efficient alternative to traditional piping systems. Our innovative solutions empower customers like Ask Elektro AS to overcome challenges related to space limitations and streamline project timelines. By selecting Melbye, customers benefit from tailored solutions that ensure smoother project execution and superior outcomes. 

"It always feels good when our solutions contribute to great outcomes for the customer. After all, this is what we're passionate about! In this case, our multiducts resulted in significant time savings for Ask Elektro, while also allowing for a more efficient use of space. We're very pleased to be able to contribute to these results!" - Erland Stakvik, Sales Manager, Melbye Group 



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